Windows, Glass Doors, And UV

Replacement Windows In Jacksonville AR, Glass Doors, And UV: Blocking Those Harmful Rays!

Modern windows these days feature slimmer frames and more expansive glass section allowing them to invite a considerable amount of natural light into your home as well as unlimited view of your outdoor setting. Nothing beats having a cup of coffee in the morning while basking in the radiant sunbeams shining into your home while enjoying the gorgeous view of your outdoors. This is commonly the reason why a number of our customers here at Zen Windows Little Rock opt for windows that can let them take full advantage of these benefits such as picture windows, bow windows, bay windows, and even full-size sliding glass doors. However, there’s a price to pay for all these and we don’t mean the cost of the units or their installation, but rather the ultraviolet rays or better known as the UV rays. When you allow them into your home, they can damage not just your furniture but your health as well. But this should not keep you from enjoying the natural light from the sun. There are ways to enjoy it without exposing yourself or your home to the harmful UV rays.

There are actually three types of UV rays- the UVC that never hits the Earth (thankfully), the UVB rays that cause sunburn during the summer months and the UVA rays that are present all year long causing skin cancer, premature skin aging and other health issues.

Ordinary window glass can actually protect your home against the UVB rays. However, with the third type, they can only block as much as 50 percent. This is enough to give you a tan if you spend some time standing next to your windows or sliding glass doors. The amount is also enough to damage your sofa, carpet and other fabric and furnishing at home overtime.

The good news is that there are several options available today to help you control the amount of UV that enters your home through your windows. For instance, you can place protective window film to your glass windows. This approach is very cost-effective although it can make your room appear darker than you would have preferred. Also, when you put this on your double-pane glass, this can make one pane hotter than the other which can result in glass breakage voiding your warranty!

One ideal solution is by installing blackout curtains or thermal blinds. While these are costly alternatives, they however are more effective in blocking a higher percentage of UV. Plus, you have the option to pull them open or close them again anytime which means that you don’t have to deal with a permanently dark room. While we don’t sell these products, we will be more than glad to help you choose the ideal UV-blocking method that is perfect for your home and our windows.

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