Double Hung Replacement Windows

A Zen Windows Double Hung Window shown from the exterior.



Tilt in windows are easy to clean.


The sashes on the Zen Windows Double Hung Windows can be lifted and tilted in.


What Is A Double Hung Window?

Double hung windows are practically all over the place in the US being the most popular window type in the country. Essentially, they are called so because of the way their two sashes hung within the frame through counterweights. The counterweights also made it possible for both sashes to be lifted and lowered with very minimal effort. They likewise keep the sashes in place when they’re raised. Nowadays, manufacturers rarely use counterweights anymore. Instead, either spring balances or coils are utilized to perform the same functions.

Designed With You And Your Home In Mind

Zen’s double hung windows are the ideal choice for your home because of these innovative features:

  • Durable and excellent lift action: They are equipped with either Endura-Force™ or Certa-Force™ balances, which enable their sashes to operate smoothly with very minimal effort needed.
  • Easy cleaning from inside the home: Because they can be titled in, Zen’s double hung windows make cleaning an easy task. By simply pushing the button found at either side of the sash, you can easily tilt the sash in your direction allowing you to conveniently clean the units even from inside the home.
  • Minimal air infiltration: They are equipped with specially designed air barriers and weather stripping that make it almost impossible for air to leak.
  • Innovative sill designs: There’s a strong connection between the window’s sill and jamb to offer maximum weather protection.
  • Energy efficient glass packages: We offer several glass packages for your double hung windows to fully meet your energy needs at home.
  • Convenience: All our double hungs are designed with vent stops to allow the sashes to stay in place when opened halfway to control air flow.

Aside from these features, Zen’s double hungs are offered in affordable price ranges allowing you to reap the benefits of this type of window without putting a dent in your wallets.

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