What Is Air Infiltration?


Vinyl Windows & Air Infiltration

Sure, all windows leak some air regardless of what material they are made from. However, they can differ in the amount of air that they allow to get out of your home. To put it simply, some windows perform better than others in preventing air leakage. At Zen Windows Little Rock, our superior vinyl windows are designed and constructed to prevent significant amounts of air leakage from happening and as a result will keep your home comfortable and your heating and cooling bills down.

How Come Some Windows Allow More Air Leakage Than Others?

The design of a window plays a crucial role in its ability to prevent air infiltration. Ideally, it should have the built-in airlocks, adequate amount of weather stripping, and barriers to enable it to block significant amounts of air from escaping out of the house. Without these design features, it is easy for air to find a way out translating to exorbitant energy bills and uncomfortable indoor temperature especially during summer and winter.

Zen Windows Little Rock knows how drafty windows can be a major headache to homeowners. This is why we equipped our vinyl windows with weather barriers that exceed industry standards resulting in units that perform way better than any comparable windows in the industry, even those that are made by big names in the business.

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