Which Is Better… Vinyl or Non-Vinyl?


Vinyl windows can have the look of wood with the maintenance-free attributes of vinyl.



Interlocks and air barriers can be designed right into the shape of the vinyl extrusion. Foam fill adds insulation to the multi-chambered construction.



SureCoat™ Standard Exterior PVC Bond Colors



Interior woodgrains


Why Vinyl Windows Are A Better Option Than Non-Vinyl Windows?

Top 7 Reasons Why Zen Vinyl Windows Are The Most Viable Choice For Your Home

  1. Vinyl windows require very minimal maintenance. In comparison, other substitute materials, especially wood, call for regular upkeep and servicing such as painting and sealing. In addition, others will require special products for cleaning which can mean additional expense while vinyl windows only need soap and water.
  2. Superior vinyl windows can last far longer than any other window types including those made from wood and metal. They will not deteriorate even when constantly exposed to the different outdoor climates. They will maintain their structural integrity all throughout their lifespan. Meanwhile, wood and metal windows are prone to wear and tear over time as wood windows tend to deteriorate while metal windows rust and corrode leading to the disintegration of the material. For added protection, Zen’s vinyl windows come with a lifetime warranty giving you the assurance that in case issues come up later on, you will have the support that you need for your investment.
  3. The corner joints of Zen’s vinyl windows are welded together making them air-tight. This will enable them to offer maximum protection against air leakage. In contrast, the corners of wood and metal windows are often mechanically joined. This can loosen up over time creating gaps enabling air to push out of the home resulting in significant energy loss. While this problem can be addressed by caulking the windows, the same issue will come up again in the future since the caulking can only last for a certain period of time.
  4. One of the biggest issues associated with wood windows is that they are prone to rotting which can have a huge impact on their overall performance. With vinyl windows, this potential problem is instantly eliminated since vinyl doesn’t rot.
  5. Zen Vinyl windows are simple and convenient to use. Their smooth-action balance systems offer ease of operation with very minimal effort required.
  6. Vinyl windows are more energy efficient than other alternative options. This is because with vinyl, it is possible to come up with designs and features that will enable a window to perform at their optimum potential in terms of energy efficiency. These include the interlocks and air barriers as well as the multi-chambered extrusions. All play crucial roles in ensuring that vinyl windows rank high in energy performance keeping your home comfortable without the need for you to pay exorbitant energy charges.
  7. To offer nice visual appeal, vinyl windows now come in a wide range of color options thanks to an innovative PVC coating technique, the SureCoat™ Standard Exterior PVC Bond Colors. At Zen Windows, you can choose from our 14 standard shades and unlimited custom colors. These are in addition to white, beige, brown, and woodgrains.

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