Do Replacement Windows Really Pay For Themselves?

When you look at the best reasons as to why it’s good to get new replacement windows installed, you will surely end up looking at a long list.

Here are some of the best reasons why it’s good to investment money on getting new and energy efficient windows:

  1. They can improve the overall value of a home which is of big help if you have plans on putting it on sale.
  2. They can improve the look or appearance of a home.
  3. They can help you lower down your monthly energy bill.

Despite what most people believe that getting replacement windows is a luxury, it’s actually more of a necessity. A typical vinyl window that comes with a simple glass package of both low-E and argon can lower down your monthly energy bill as much as 25%, if installed properly. If you pay $100 per month for your electricity at home, getting this window will allow you to save at least $300 annually without the consideration of inflation. If inflation isn’t taken into consideration, you can save as much as $3000 on your electric bill within 10 years. This is clear proof that having new windows installed won’t just make your home look better, more comfortable, and energy efficient but this will also help you save lots of money in the long run. Based on the simple computation that we just did, we can say that window replacements can actually pay for themselves within 3 to 5 years.

Everything really boils down on your choice. You can decide to keep your old and worn out windows and keep paying your utility company $3000 or even more in 5 years or, you can buy and have energy efficient replacement windows and have them installed now to enjoy all the benefits that they provide.

Apart from helping you save money on your electric bill, your new windows are also going to serve as lifetime employees of your home. Why? Because, they’re going to help you save money in other different ways. What makes things even way better is that they won’t cost you extra for this. They will work hard to seal, shield, and protect your home and family. They will do this by efficiently covering up the largest openings of your home’s exterior. The moment you hand in your payment to your window company, you have already paid your windows’ salary in full.

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