What Would Be A Good Warranty On Replacement Windows?

Aside from asking “What would be a good warranty on replacement windows?”, it’s also good to ask “How long will the warranty cover the windows I’m going to get?” A lot of companies would say they have a “lifetime” warranty for their products but this is an vague term. When you really want to get the full details of the warranty that a window company offers, you need to consider its different components. Know whether or not a warranty is good by asking the following questions.


  1. Is the warranty of the windows provided by the window company or by the window manufacturer?
  2. Does the term “lifetime” in lifetime warranty refer to the life of the window, the lifespan of the house where they’re going to be installed, or the amount of time that you’re going to be living in your home?
  3. If any warranty issues come up, will the window warranty be pro-rated?
  4. Will you be charged any money whenever a warranty issue arises?
  5. If you’re going to sell your home later down the road, will the warranty be transferrable to the buyer? If yes, do you need to pay money to be able to transfer it?
  6. If the glass of your window accidentally breaks, will the warranty still cover it?
  7. If your window’s screen gets torn, will the warranty cover its replacement?
  8. Does the window company have its own full time service technician who is going to be on standby to render services in case you encounter a warranty issue? If yes, will the company’s service department be available 24/7 to cater to emergencies?


The questions listed above are intended to help you determine whether or not the warranty that your window company provides is really a lifetime warranty. Now, if you want to also determine if the warranty that they provide is really as good as they claim it to be, here are some questions that will help you do just that.


  1. How long does the company take to file a service call?
  2. How long does the company take to complete the service call?
  3. Will their technician be on call when a client files a service call?
  4. Do they charge their clients for the service?


Ideally, the answer to the questions above should be as follows:

  1. The window company’s technician goes to the customer’s house on the same day that they make the call.
  2. The technician is on call when a service call is filed.
  3. The company doesn’t charge any money for the service and will do the same thing in the future.


These answers will tell you and will give you the assurance that the window company you’re talking to really offers a good warranty. Keep in mind that a warranty is of no use if the window company doesn’t respond immediately to service calls and if they charge money for them.

A good window company will provide you the warranty that you deserve so that the money you spend to pay for your windows will be the last that you’re going to spend on them.

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