Why Do Bids From Different Window Companies Differ So Much?

This is perhaps one of the most common questions that homeowners ask us. Before we proceed to answering this question, it’s important for you to know that there are high quality windows and there are also really bad ones.

Typically, a person shopping for replacement windows for his home will get three different bids. If these bids are acquired in the same location, all of them will most likely be in close range with each other but at times they can also differ a whole lot. When quotes for replacement windows differ a lot, there are different reasons for this. The main reason for this would be that the pricing of the windows is the responsibility of the overhead of the window company that provides the quote to people. In one of Zen Windows’ experiences, we have encountered a case where our customer got three different estimates from three different companies. The first one quoted the windows he needed for $51,000. The second one gave out an estimate of $32,000. We, on the other hand, only quoted him $15,000. He ended being puzzled and was really wondering why the estimate that we gave him was way cheaper compared to the two other ones that he got. Before I started explaining things to him, I first told him that the two other companies that he got quotes from offer high quality products and also provide good installation services. I told him this so that he won’t think that they were taking advantage of him. Next, I told him that any type of business out there aims to earn good profit. Because of this, they will set up a huge office and hire lots of telemarketers, canvassers, sales people, managers, and other types of personnel. The expense of having all these employees will build up on the cost of the windows that the company offers. Aside from having a lot of employees, other companies also spend money on marketing their business on TV, the radio, and on the newspaper. This further increases the cost of their replacement windows.

Zen Windows follows an entirely different business model. Our founder, Dan Wolt, has been in the window business for more than 20 years and has discovered that he could come up with a business model that will work well both for him and his customers. Through this business model, we have totally changed the shopping experience of homeowners by making it a fun and stress-free one. Instead of spending tons of money on marketing and employees, we only get our business from either word of mouth or from what you might have done awhile ago, a simple online search. This is something that our clients think works for everybody.

At Zen Windows, all of our customers get to talk to and meet up with the owner. I don’t have a team of salespeople for different good reasons. Since this is my own brand and company, I want to be able to represent it myself. Next, I think the best way to establish a good relationship with my clients is by giving them direct access to me through my cell phone and office phone numbers, as well as my email address. This means that they won’t have to talk to anybody else but the owner of the company. Lastly, by doing this, I can make my prices really competitive since I don’t need to deal with any sales commissions nor I have to spend money on tons of overhead. By talking to my clients personally, I get the benefit of being to guide and help them with their replacement windows and doors as well as their budget.  

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