Bay Windows

The bay replacement window is a set of 3 or more windows.

Bay windows easily stand out from the other types of replacement windows because of their unique design. They are made with three panes of glass, two of which are small ones located at the sides and the third is a large pane that’s situated at the center. Bay windows are well known for their design which protrudes outward from the house. Because of this protrusion, they provide extra space inside the house while adding a unique architectural feature outside.

Bay windows are considered a popular choice for homes with a Victorian theme. Most of them have window seats, which can be used as a place for sitting, reading books, or merely relaxing while taking delight in the view outside the house.

There are two main types of bay windows. The first one has a box-liked shape and protrudes outside from the house. These bay windows are mainly intended to provide homeowners with a space where they can place their plants or ornaments. They are commonly used above the kitchen sink to let lots of natural light in while giving a nice view. The second type is set up as a part of the floor-to-ceiling polygonal shape, which results in a nook on the floor plan.

Getting full bay windows for your home will allow you to have enough space inside your house for art pieces. You can also turn the extra space into a breakfast nook or as a place where you can install some window seats. These windows feature a large glass pane that often takes up the whole space in between the floor and ceiling of the house. Full bay windows are designed this way in order to let lots of sunlight inside the room. Their size allows them to have a wide variety of window treatments.



  • 7/8” insulated glass
  • Intercept spacer system
  • Fusion welded frames and sashes
  • All windows double strength glass
  • Full 3 ¼” frame thickness
  • Electrostatic coated fiber glass screens

Optional Add-Ons

  • Low E glass (Cardinal 366)with Argon gas
  • Triple low-e(Cardinal 366)/Foam Filled Sashes
  • Sandstone, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cherry (only available on specific product lines)
  • Full screen (fiberglass)
  • Full screen (wire)
  • Half screen wire
  • Grids-contoured and flat
  • Brass grids
  • Obscure glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Tinting

* Easy Clean Glass is included with Low-E/Argon




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