Bow Windows

Bow windows are basically one of the types of bay windows. They are called so because of their shape, which has a slight curve. They look pretty similar to bay windows because they are also designed with grouping windows. The feature that makes them easily standout would be their crescent shape that projects outward. This part of their design is often used to add a stunning feature to houses. Because of the similar design that bow windows have to bay windows, they too, provide good amounts of extra space inside the room and let a lot of sunlight in.

Bay-Bow-WindowBow windows come in different varieties. Some of them have curved glass while others have straight ones. Bow windows with straight panels of glass take on a more circular look.

The extra space that bow replacement windows can provide offer ample space for different ornaments, cushioned seats that you can use for relaxing or reading books, and house plants. Among the different furnishing that can be used, cushioned window seats are the most popular choice because they turn the extra living space into a nice place where you can sit down, relax, drink coffee, or read books.

If you think that bow replacement windows are a great choice to get, be sure to pick ones that can be opened up on both sides. Aside from this, you can also look for models that come with double panes of glass so that you can have more insulation inside the house. This comes in really handy in lowering down heating and air conditioning costs thus; making your home a lot more energy efficient.


  • 7/8” insulated glass
  • Intercept spacer system
  • Fusion welded frames and sashes
  • All windows double strength glass
  • Full 3 ¼” frame thickness
  • Electrostatic coated fiber glass screens


Optional Add-Ons

  • Low E glass (Cardinal 366)with Argon gas
  • Triple low-e(Cardinal 366)/Foam Filled Sashes
  • Sandstone, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cherry (only available on specific product lines)
  • Full screen (fiberglass)
  • Full screen (wire)
  • Half screen wire
  • Grids-contoured and flat
  • Brass grids
  • Obscure glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Tinting

* Easy Clean Glass is included with Low-E/Argon




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